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Friday, May 06, 2005

i got a cool comment on my blog yesterday:

for what it's worth, my step-dad just died and I am on my way to boston for the funeral. I just printed out the first few paragraphs from your 2/8/05 post and I am bringing it to boston TO HELP ME. I suffer from the same problem that you wrote about. So thank you for this inspiration. I REALLY FUCKIN MEAN IT! (THANK YOU)
bill | Homepage | 05.05.05 - 11:07 pm | #

WOW! something i wrote was actually useful to someone other than myself?!?! well that just made me shit a brick, no lies.

and in case you're curious... here is what bill printed out for inspiration:

Showing no shame is not a luxury we all have, because we are full of fucking self doubt, insecurities, and we're very very ashamed.

but there's only one way to cure an irrational fear of cockroaches, and it is to lock yourself in a cage full of them. Fear factor style.

the only way to get over a fear of heights is to become a sky diver.

and the cure for being shy is thrusting yourself into uncomfortable settings, allowing those goose bumps raise on your neck, and letting your face flush, and seeing that it's all ok. you're fine. despite slightly feeling like you're being electrocuted...

but it wears off i promise.


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