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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Friday, May 06, 2005

hi i got to go home and chill out for a minute, to wait for the ppl in south centrale to get their act's together with the CHECK.

now its like SO HARD to fathom driving all the way back there from redondo beach. it's so nice here.... the wind is blowing... the leaves on the trees are rustling...

in south central, all you get is carbon monoxide from ten thousand big-rigs being blowing in your face, and the telephone poles are so littered with nails and staples that you're pretty certain its about time to holla, "TIMBER!!!"

i'm wearing my avaitors, my army hat, and i've got my camera in my lap, and ready to do drive by shootings at will. safari? oh fuck yes.

tonight i will be two sheets to the wind, and my sanity hanging by only a thread.

can you rent out a junk yard so that you can fucking go nuts with sledge hammers and chain saws, and 20 gauge shotguns? i wanna me a urban-rambo. where the fuck is my red head band and superfulous loops of ammo when i need them?! ugh city.

my reward for picking up the check will be smoking this nice yum-yum joint of the shanizzle, and i'll be puffin my ass all the way to the fucking bank, you pack of goat herders' wives.

now go be ashamed of yourselves for not being me.

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