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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

fuck ppl who call the cops. who does that? the cops are like a LAST RESORT. don't just whip that shit out on someone, it's really fucking uncouth.

here in los angeles the cops are just another gang like the bloods and the crips. they have to rotate cops out of Los Angeles Vice (the dept that deals with drugs, sex, and rock and roll) beceause it's so proned to curruption that its ri-goddamned-diculous.

we don tneed more cops, it's a lie to say we do. ppl are less violent NOW than they have been in the last 30 years, although the Network News would have you believe otherwise.

there have been non stop reporting about the recent shootings on los angeles highways... several of the shootings were fatal. that all sounds pretty scurry, eh?

but not when you look deeper into the reporting and see that LAST YEAR IN 2004 at this same time, there were MORE shootings on the freeways.


cops are dicks. like the dudes who couldn't get any respect in their highschool years, so they are trying to relive that mental power struggle with every speeder or jay walker. give it up, you're noting but a state authorized mall security guard. go get back in your piece of shit, black and white crown victoria, and go back to 7-11 or circle k or whever the fuck you guys go pretend ot look busy at.

ya fuckin crooks!

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