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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

anti's music review.

the new beck album is hot, let me tell you what the fuck.

see... i USED to like beck, back when the mellow gold and odelay albums came out, and i even saw him at the k-roq acoustic christmas one year, because i got free tickets, normally i wouldn't be caught dead at a show like that.

but for quite some time, i had decided that beck was no longer cool, and no longer making good music. or at least music *I* was interested in. it all had had started to use too much slide guitar, and sounded too country rock for my tastes.

i cancelled my subscription.

then all of the sudden, out of the blue, a few weeks ago i watch saturday night live on NBC 4... and Beck was their musical guest...


i was a born again beck fan, and i wasn't the only one...

i was at dealer Mcdope's house a few days later, and before i could even brag to them what a rad performance i saw beck whip out on sat'nite'live.... THEY HAD THAT SHIT ON TIVO! and had already bought the CD (suckers, who buys things anymore?) and now i have that shit too, and it's bumping right now, and the whole album is TIGHT!!!

it's a must own for anyone between the ages of 5 - 65. strictly timeless, crunchy jams, that you can get high to... what else could you want?

if you are new to beck and his discography... here's my advice, buy mellow gold, odelay, and this new one called guerro. skip all other beck, it sucks.

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