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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

You wanna LEARNNNNN something? Great, IM glad, how about you perk up then, eh daddios and daddiettes.

just give up already, there is no hope, life is pointless, and meaning is what you make of it.

I know that appears depressing on the surface, but hey friend, guess what, you can see it as the most liberating pearl of wisdom you ever gulped down in one sitting. cuz it is.

how about you follow a path that you carve out for yourself, one that wasn't picked out with the aid of a highschool guidance counselor. I think they either get a kickback from the colleges, or they think that because they jumped through hoops you need to jump through hoops, or they are just sadistic evil people hiding behind a track suit and a dykey haircut.

why don't you tie your sweatshirt around your waist, set your cocktail down for a second... And highwater your pants for just a moment so that you can shuffle your feet.

don't worry, no one is watching... I know how paranoid you are.

learn from me, I have experienced the pain and suffering that you can easily avoid. This is what I know: fuck it.

the dude was told that fuck it is answer to everything, and that the bums lost, but they haven't lost.... Not yet. Right now us bums are only losing. But we will win, because there is more of us and we subscribe to suicide terror.

how about we lock ourselves in with you, and house on haunted hill styles, we burn this mother down.

sounds about right.

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