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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

you don't get trust back, you repair it over time by showing that you are worthy of such things. consistency builds on one's expectations of another. if you always do the same thing when a particular scenario gets played out... well... one could expect that you will do that the next time, and EVERY time. why would they think otherwise? you have to GIVE them a reason.

don't wait for shit to land in your lap, it won't. and honestly i am sure that those UN-SQUEAKY wheels are really filled with pride that they're able to manage with minimal attention.

but i am more in line with taht squeaky wheel. im gonna shout and scream, and suck down as much wheel grease as possible until that can is dry. because fuck it, i think pride is for suckers. shameless is the way to ride.

it's the difference between laughing or being laughed at. like when i used to eat shit on my skateboard and my friends would point and laugh at me.

i remember hating that shit. i was unable to stand back from the situation and look at it objectively... because if i HAD done that, i would have realized that landing on my tail bone, and having the skateboard land on my head was hilarious.

no one should ever be embarrassed. it's the most unnecisary and evil of emotions.

know what everyone is? a fucking asshole!!! it's so god damned true, you have no idea. believe me, i've traveled, i know. everyone's a fucking god damned no-good, dirty dick head... ALL AROUND THE WORLD it is this way.

so what do you care what all these assholes think? you're not to be bothered with their pithy opinions (invalid opinions) that make no difference in your life.

there's no shame in not knowign something. doing something wrong only teaches you how to do it right.

i can say this coming from a very shy backround. i was embarassed to even speak at times. and what i learned was that it's all in my head. i created this imaginary audience of people that didn't exist.

all the people DID exist, they are real people, but their attention was not on myself. it was on THEMselves. almost everyone is as concieted as you are! oh wow. hows that make you feel?

it made me feel silly. almost like i could be naked and painted purple, and everyone surrounding me would still be wondering who was looking at them, unable to even hear the siren of an oncoming ambulance.

i say just give up. my life got so much better after i did that. i was like, "im going to not care what i look like anymore, and everyone will just have to like it or bite my ass." and they did just that.

i rocked bed head, i wore clothes that made me laugh just for comedic effect, i'll fling myself infront of a crowd and do the pee-wee herman dance. fuck it, if someone notices i take it as a compliment that i wasn't totally ignored.

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