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Friday, April 29, 2005

there's a weed store on la brea here in hollywood california. and pshaw, people say that marijuana needs to be decriminalized... i say... the process has been in action for years.

currently the premise is that only "patients" with a doctors note are allowed to shop at the weed store. whatever tho, because it's mind blowing to watch this store in operation.

it appears to be a normal house, although heavily equipped with survealance cameras at every angle, and a sign on the front of the building proclaiming themselves as care givers. if you have a prescription for weed, you arrive at the building proceed to the glass doors at the back, and ring the door bell, at which point they will buzz you in, and let you start shopoing the store for THC products.

i parked in the back of the house, and waited with my engine running while my friend with the weed scrip went inside to make purchases for his coachella-concert-weekend and to fullfill my order of high grade fanciness. during that time i rapped with the security guard about my signjob... he was curious how much the signwalkers made. i told him $8/hour.

my friend spent over $500 on different weed wonders. pictured above is the THC version of one of those listerine mouthwash breath thingies, expcept this one gets you BAKED!!! how rad.

he bought some THC carrot cake, some THC lollypops, an ounce of some crazy weed, an eigth of some purple weed, hash oil, THC mouth strips, THC rice cispy treat (aka ganja goo ball), and it all came packaged neatly together in a large brown grocery bag.

as we drove away, i couldn't believe it was all legit. legal weed here in hollywood. but if i had any doubts the weed mint strip thingy washed them away.

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