Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Friday, April 29, 2005

thank you all for the emails, the comments, the instant messages, the phone calls, the singing telegrams, and yes... someone even sent me a bouquet of flowers.

thanks you one and all. this dad stuff is nothing new, just regurgitated for your trainwreck-viewing enjoyment.

big tanky finally found her japanese friend, S-na... i guess s-na's english has grown progrssively worse since she moved back to tokyo years ago, and welp... we had no idea that she was fine and dandy and traveling with her MOTHER (who knew?) and the missing asian tourist scenario quickly became what tanky and s-na refer to as "fibular" and it basically means, "japanese and english make for some odd conversations."

but it was a big relief to all those concerned, because nothing's worse than losing your japanese friend.

i work a full job this weekend with cesar as my helper, and 8 signwalkers on my crew. i have a BRAND new set of signs HOT off the print shop silkscreen machines.

it should be a slam dunk, all i have to do is make certain that i stay the fuck out of el monte. and then... come home... get stoned... and prepare for my nightlife, which im sure will be gangbang-tastic.

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