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Sunday, April 10, 2005

so today we did the sign job like professionals who've could pull it off with thier eyes closed.

i picked up brandon, and met the viking at the burger king where all the walkers were gathering. 10:30am approached and we each went off to drop off the walkers that loaded our pickup trucks. and i met him over by the car dealership, where he checked in with our client, and i could park my car safely, and i hopped in the F250 and we just cruised it, man. the viking called it, "being on safari" because driving through south central and downtown los angeles and east LA is really a trip sometimes.

we ate near fig and adams, and winded our way (safari style) back near our sale, and located a shady area near slauson and alameda. parked. and kicked it nap time styles.

sho nuff the time to fetch our crew cam along and my cousin took me to my truck, and we agreed to meet back at the am pm near the car sale.

once everything was said and done, i was on my way home for 5 hours... (which im in the middle of right now) and i will head back to meet the viking at the sale, and do a good old sign collection, midnight mission, ambush of doom.

it takes us about two to three hours to snatch up all of our 250 square cora-plast signs that we hung on telephone poles throughout the area. and my 1 or 2 am i will be back here, at home, smoking bowls, dreaming of getting a monkey wrench tattooed on my arm. or maybe buddha on my butt... (left cheek).

i once had a drug dealer named chad who lived in north redondo beach, and he had this tattoo on his chest "heather" and welp, it was funny because rather than get it covered up, or deal with his bad tatt choice in a healthy way...

he just sought out girls named heather, so it would match the tatt. i derno how i have forgotten that rad barely related side story until just this second. i wonder if chad is dead yet. hi chad!

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