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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

republicans are an evil lot, and they should be led to slaughter like they lead so many innocent others. step up, and open your eyes, you fucking sheep brain, herd minded, brainwashed psychopaths.

a lot of them say that they don't beleive that their country would do such evil things like let 9/11 happen. that's too much corruption for them to intake, and yet... we all know that govt is corrupt, and so why is this so hard to fathom?

why is it so hard to beleive that we had no legitimate reason to invade iraq?

why do people insist on protecting the right to own guns? america makes more guns than any place in the world, coincidence?

but here's how i see things... crisies percipitate change, meaning that if enough people land on hard times, endure suffering/loss... shit wil hit the fan.

the typical republican likes to sit blindly in their living room eating a piece of toast watching fox news, thinking that we are doing the iraqi people a favor, thinking that we are doing the american people a favor... and patting themselves on the back for voting into office their good old boy who blieves in god. because that's right and fair.

well im not your typical peaceful, pot smoking, bleeding heart, liberal.

in fact the only hearts that will be bleeding are those of republicans, after i beat them down with my spiked bat.

anyone up for a republican eye ball shish-ka-bob?

im going to go cross eyed, start chewing tobacco, and train myself to be a one man militia, trained to hunt down my enemies. you want a war yo motherfuckers?! i'll bring you some pain, and one by one, i will hunt down your elite, and bump them off, rub them out, making my italian mafia heritage proud.

i won't be alone either.... i won't begin until i've spread my message and made converts in every state... so that the word can't be stopped, so that YOUR MORALS get shoved up your repugnent assholes. you want to play chess with MY LIFE? with MY FAMILIA? oh hell no, bitches, you just brought on more than you can handle.

you can't even catch some fucking cave dwelling bearded camel jockey, so what makes you think you can stop me? eh?! i'd like to know.

there's like ten million little insects buzzing around bin laden's head, and yet... he's too smart for the american military.

well... im banking that im not smarter, but that there are more people who feel like i do.

more people who are ready to tear the system apart limb from limb, so that we can rebuild something that ISN'T PURE EVIL, and so that we can teach our sons and daughters, and....

so we won't get fooled again.

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