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Monday, April 25, 2005

my question to the people in front of me on every on-ramp to every freeway here in los angeles is:

at what point do you think you're goin got go faster than 25 MPH? because man, the fucking freeway goes 65, so like, you better get used to giving people tailgating you as hard as they can (like myself) because i'm sure i won't be the last one.

if you have a piece of shit car that doesn't allow for you to zoom off into the sunset like i do, just put up a sign in your rear window. inform the world. don't act like i have X-Ray glasses and can see that your four banger has now blown some of the engine and is running on one valve.

and people wonder why there have been 5 car to car shootings in the freeways here in so cal in the last few months.


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