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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

know why its not ok to take low blows? because then you're at fault too. if someone is up your ass with the negativity, and the un-wanted criticism, and the provoking, and all that un-fun stuff... it's not a license to sink to their level.

two wrongs dont make a right, but two Writes made an airplane, kinda thing.

beer, and bruised egos, and enough tension that you need a DeWalt 7.5 Amp super-duty chainsaw to cut it in half. no it still doesnt make me lashing out and calling people dillusional ok.

seriously when i said it, i didn't consider how salty a word that really is. it's basically a fancy way to say, "i think you're fucking crazy, bitch." and i wish i never called anyone anything. in a world with a time machine, i would go back and say instead, "look, im pissed off man, can't you just fuck off already?"

if i had acted right, then it would all be on her. and i could maintain my selfrightousness and have it be valid. right now im just the kettle crying about how black the pot is. wah wah.

it does suck tho, because it really feels like so-and-so just hated me from the jump. thye had an axe to grind, and they did all they could to degrade me under the guise of "oh, just joshing you" and/or the flinging of back-handed compliments my direction. this is not a quote but an example of what you could expect: "nice apartment... for a SHITHOLE..."

the bottom line is that no matter how wrong someone else is, you should never have a temper tantrum. it's just not adult-like. and why would you want to make a person's irrational dis-taste for you start to become more and more rational?

the coolest thing to do, and the behaviour that would have garnished the most respect from my peers would have been to put up and tolerate the obviously abrasive individual until the night is over, and so-and-so is gone and on their way home, and make it official.

SO-AND-SO IS BANNED!!!! (i love banning ppl, i haven't banned anyone in forever!)

all the shit you talk to me, well babe, look in the mirror. ouch, reality bites, eh?

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