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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

the job went off like some kind of super-pro-signjobber was running the show, oh WAIT... there was one of those... ME.

the client tried to sweat me at one point, he had the audacity to accuse me of only putting out ten signs along atlantic avenue. so yah... wanna know my reply?

"let's go for a drive, i can point out the signs to you."

i don't tell everyone this, because it won't apply to everyone, but... whenever possible: let your reputation, your work ethic, and your ability to do a job better than the average shmuck speak louder than words ever could.

after our tour through east LA, the client finally got on the phone to my boss, and told him that the situation was a false alarm because (and i quote) "well you got a great employee here, and i guess there were WAY more signs than i realized."

hah. im far too affraid of my boss's temper to fuck around like that. i do my job like im sposed to because it pays too well to fucking blow it, and lose my sweet, cherry assed, lifestyle.

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