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Friday, April 08, 2005

im a perfect role model.

i dropped out of junior college after only finishing one and a half semesters, earning a total of 9 units. straight b average. i've been a heavy pot smoker for going on 11 years, cigarettes too... and there's no sign of light at the end of THOSE tunnels my dears.

i have no children. i never got married. and i do as i please.

i shunned and abandoned the christian indoctrination that was force fed to me all through out my youth.

i stand for equality, and dont believe in anyone's war on an ideal. war isn't a word you can just slap ontop of everything.... at least not without looking ridiculous.

i would never shop at a store that displayed it's religious beliefs anywhere. it sends the sign that you should believe that too, if you wanna shop there. or at least if you want the best deal.

why can't a christian just hand a homeless guy a bowl of free chili WITHOUT the little jesus flyer. maybe it's not as morally justified as you think it is, to cram your ideals down someone's throat.

maybe the truly humane thing to do would be just to hand the guy a bowl of chili and respect that maybe he doesn't want to hear what YOU believe. mayne you should ask HIM what HE believes.

but big T is trying to teach me the concept that is wide spread in north american culture, it's called a patriarchy. and part of the tenants of this belief structure is that the poor people or the homeless DESERVE IT, because they failed at life.

kind of like, "they got what they asked for, they should have played by the rules." as if there is some imaginary code of conduct that extends beyond written law. basically, believe what we believe or face god's wrath.

i think thats fucked up. and WRONG. i don't think that anyone deserves anyting, and lastly i believe that christanity will be their "salvation"


there's people who are busy trying to raise money so that they can send bibles to iraqi citizens. yah, HAHAAHHA, just what they fucking need.... bibles. that would be INSANE to send them food water and medicine, wouldn't it?

i feel the heat, and i think this engine's about to ex-fucking-plode.

the big lie that they want you to believe is that you are too stupid to figure out american politics. they would like you to think that it is too complicated and such matters should be left to those who "know what they are doing"

that is SUCH A FUCKING LIE. it is not true. you ARE just as smart as they are, and you don't need a road map to see the bullshit being thrown at you.

look what you have given up as a nation. look what you have thrown away as far as personal freedoms are concerned.

they manufactured fear (9/11), and used religion as their steering wheel (the reigious, republican, conservative, right-wing)

big tanky reads a lot of books.... you all just better hope (like i do) that she finds one with a less bloody solution.

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