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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I just realized that when I was younger, there were a lot more trucks with bad ass mud flaps.

you had the silloluette of a naked lady... usually chrome on black rubber, you had the Yosemite Sam dude in full stance, "back off"... Those ruled, and they need to come back. Now it's all about spinners and loser shit like that. I can't justify nice wheels on my truck because when I drink and drive I tend to use the curb for Braille when I park. I'm just being honest.

I want to buy a gun. I AM buying a gun, and yes this is completely hypocritical of me because I believe Americans shouldn't have the right to bear arms.

but fuck it, we DO have the right to bear arms. And the laws are perfect right now, I can legally go and buy myself an AK-47. But I think I want something smaller... And silver. I like shiny things.

I legitimately used my marijuana medicinally tonight. It helped me stave off a massive nausea attack. I was taking a massive dump when the nausea hit me like a ton of bricks. I had to peel my shirt off, and the sweat was dripping off my back. But I was able to get near a bong, and suck down that magical healing smoke, and I maintained the fetal position long enough, that I won. And the nausea lost. MUA HAHAH. take that barf.

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