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Friday, April 08, 2005

i forgot a saying i used to love, "nothing to it, but to do it"

i used to say it right after someone gave me a bunch of excuses about why we shouldn't go and do something. their excuses always sounded futile after my simple one liner. a statement that was as logical as it was true. the hardest part of any task is actually getting up off your ass.

this might be bullshit but they are changing the name of the cookie monster on Sesame Street's name to "the veggitable muncher". if anything ever was blasphemous and sacreligious... THAT IS IT! i guess fat-minded people are taking over the world and pointing the finger at anyone they can blame. but no one stops and asks themselves, "are cookies bad? or are parents who don't know how to say 'no' bad?". they shouldn't change the cookie monter's name., they shouldn't get mad at mcdonald's for seeling super size combos, i mean... WHAT IS NEXT? a class action law suit against the candy bar companies for "tastin' too darn good..."

at what point is a person responsible for their own health and safety?

i don't need some greedy litigious bitch to sue McDonald's and force them to lable the coffee they seell with the word "HOT". i am not a moron. survival is something that i was just born with, and if you hand me a cup of coffee that is hotter than molten lava... i will use caution, because i hold myself accountable for my actions, not mcdonalds, not anyone.

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