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Sunday, April 10, 2005

i dont think i am better than you in gerenal.

in gerenal... i think we are equals. but when it comes to the shit that i love to do, i reign supreme, sorry. yer just a squirel trying to get a nut tho, so i can't hate. this shit is over saturated and my already under-the-radar talents have been sent to new rock bottoms.

it's hard to hear people on my cell phone over the screams and threats of violence that are going on sitting next to me. but what can we do....? we're under attack. and all our energy needs to be focused on turning the tides whilst parked on the roof of a tall parking garage, giving me a close up and personal view of the hollywood sign. thank god i tightened my one-size-fits-all baseball cap, or that thing would have been frisbee material for certainly.

i maintain my lucidity in nearly all events that don't involve me being wrong. otherwise, im a fanatical madman bouncing off the walls, with redbull breath, and kit-kat clock eyes.

if you were to look at me on the streets you might think i was just as brain dead as YOU are, and my friend, believe that is of my manufacturing, because the secret is that the wheels are spinning, in fact... spinning faster than that ginormous gyro-gizmo taht they biult in that one jody foster movie where she meets that alien that looks like her dad.

i'd love to ramble on about more wonderous wonderful-nesses, but i hate it here, and i hate you.

i want the ten minutes it took to write this post back. damnit.

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