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Friday, April 01, 2005

i do not want to be that person.

i don't want to be the person who blindly shoots an arrow into the side of a barn, and paints a bullseye around wherever it lands.

thats being an "end up" kinda guy. i don't want to end up anywhere. ending up places, is for losers.

i want to set my sites on a clear, definite, pre-determined bullseye, and not just that... i wanna HIT MY MARK.

i have things that i'm excited about, and i never see my situation as "good as it's gonna get"... that's for sad sorry losers who fear change and loathe the thought of having even the TEENSIEST TINIEST SHRED of ambition. these are the people who aspire to get off their ass for once in their life. PFFF!!! whatta winner.

my passions are what keep me going; doing and thinking about shit that i love.

skateboarding, taking pictures, journaling my ass (and the rest of me) as often as possible, wearing speedos and a mexican wrestling mask while i go shopping for groceries... YOU KNOW... the usual.

people want to have passion and try and get excited about life and things, but they just can't do it. they honeslty... either don't know how, or don't want it bad enough.

and honesly, my bros and hinahs, we all know it's simply that they just didn't want it bad enough, because wanting something BAD ENOUGH also means teaching yourself how to do it, if you don't already know how.

take, for example, this young lady who called into a radio show this afternoon. she was complaining about her husband, whom she married while they were both 18 years old. After the radio host made her realize that she needs to dump the dude, he also got her to admit it was stupid of her to get married that young. and i sat there in my parked truck, with my feet hanging out the window... and i was happy for this young lady because she seemed to be taking responsibility, and appeared to be owning up that she was indeed a fool to marry at 18.... BUT THEN

she says, "well... i derno... i think i blame my parents for letting me get married." if i was drinking milk right at that second, it would have been coming out of my nose at firehose speeds.

be your own salvation, no one else will take on the burden... believe THAT.

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