Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

hello, i love you. and by you... i mean...

you the random blog reader that i never heard of and never met. you are a stranger to me, but i love you. im the internet jesus, and i love you all.

anti saves.

i like it that you come here, and are addicted to reading all the bullshit i manage to squeeze out, while mashing my fingers on the keyboard feverishly.

i can ramble on and on about nothing, and most of you will read it anyways. you're hooked, and you can't help yourself.

sure you would like to X out the window, and move along to something prodictive... or at least to a piece of writing that has substance and a purpose. i have neither of those things. the only point i have is at the tip of my needle-dick. and yet... there you sit... in your stupid computer loser-chair, captivated. you dont even have the courage to stop reading... WIMP!

i love it when you leave me comments showing me that you are either illiterate and couldn't understand my blog post... or you are a prankster trying to see if you can chap my hyde. it's like, "to what do i owe such an honor?!?!".

another classic move that you do, that i LOVE... is when you ask me to repeat things i have written extensively about. repeating what i say is great fun! besides, why should you be burdened enough to actually find out answers yourself? that's my job.

just call me mr accomodation. i mean, sure this is my blog, but these are the people's airwaves or whatever they fucking say.

i'v noticed not enough of you judge me and give me your unwanted opinions. what gives? am i not worthy of your nosey-ness?

and see how proud you make me? you made it all the way to the very end of this trifle ass post, and you got nothing out of it, and you even feel a bit stupid...

awwwww!!!!! how sweet.

bye losers.

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