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Friday, April 01, 2005

fuck the seat belt law. it's just a perfect example of how the governemt wants to be the thought police.

i personally always wear my seatbelt. i feel naked without one on. and that's not because of the seat belt law... i'd wear my safety belt regardless.

but i think that it should be a choice.

just think about it, the idiot that dies in a car wreck, and who could have saved their own life with a safety belt... that's one less car length in traffic tomorrow.

besides survival should be more instinctual. have you noticed that there is NO LAW making it illegal to shove a ice pick into your eyeball??? it's becuase you don't need a fucking law telling you shit you already know. and hey.... if you want to destroy yourself, it ought to be your right.

and if you want to not wear your seat belt, that should be your right as well. STAY THE FUCK UP OUT MY BIZNASS.

i love cops.

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