Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

all you get is five minutes of my time:

Fucking little blood sucking maggots you all are. I hate you go the fuck away, never visit this blog again... this is not a friendly zone.

know why I want to force feed you broken glass? It's because of the way you suck the life out of every single fucking thing, and never realize that shit is just shitty... No it's not YOUR fault, but thanks BTW... Because on top of things being shitty... Now I have the extra burden of patting you on your feeble minded head, "there, there..."

it just wasn't about YOU enough, was it? Things was about someone else for two seconds, and you might have had to step outside yourself, and inconvenience yourself by sharing the spotlight.

guess what idiot, there is no spot light competition, it's all in your head, im just a person who is hurting and in need... And I would help you if you were in need.

I would kill myself trying to do all I could.

I am killing myself doing all I can.

how about you pack that shit up, suck it in, and just hold your own hand for a change? Can you handle that for two seconds while shit is just shitty for shitty's sake?

it's like, shit was shitty just because, and you were in the "clear" as you like to put it. BUT NO, you wanted to start some shit, you needed my attention focused ONLY on you, telling you how wonderful you are.

well know what? yer not that wonderful, and in fact, right now... You're down right shitty.

make this about yourself, go right the fuck ahead, but see how it feels making it about yourself ALONE. Got me?

peace fucking out.

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