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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

you could get hit by a bus when crossing the street. you could be at a conveniance store while it's getting robbed, and be hit in the head with a stray bullet.

you can get pushed in front of a subway train, or perhaps you could find yourself a human speed bump for a drunk driver. electrical wires could fall and electrocute you, or you could be hit in the head by something that fell of a high shelf in Home Depot.

you could slip and fall in the shower, there could be a home invasion robbery, or an act of god (being struck by lightening). even passing out drunk, and choking on your own vomit would do the trick.

anything's possible....

so stop acting so invincable, like you're gonna live forever, or as if you're gonna live past next week.

the minute you take being alive FOR GRANTED, is the minute you should just ignore all these wonderful ways to die, and instead just sit in a bath tub and slit your wrists. you dont deserve life if you're not gonna LIVE IT UP!!!

sleep well, my homies!!!

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