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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Who the fuck does dealer McDope think he is?!?!

without warning or any notice, he changes his work schedule so that the whole south bay waits until 7-o'clock for him to get home from work FOR NOTHING, because he's not home from work now until 2am in the fucking morning!!

um exCUSE me. no one sent ME that memo. You buncha bastards.

but being the overly prepared, and highly addicted, stoner that i am, i called McDope at around 5pm... to make sure he was gonna be comong home at 7pm... and welp, i got the news that the hours had changed, and McDope told me, "you have 30 minutes to make it here before i bone out for work,"

i peeled rubber, my babies.

and it wasn't long after that you could find me at home rubbing my sack of weed up and down my body like it was a bar of soap. "oh how i've missed you, my precious"

after things had calmed down, and my mind had been turned into a pile of goo... my phone rings and my cousin, the viking, is ranting psychoticly on the other end of the phone. i can't exactly tell what he's saying... but between the pained screams and yelps i could figure out that he JUST NOW learned of dealer McDope's new work schedule.

i told the viking to come over to my house and pick up a gram or two off of me, and just to give me a gram or two back the following day.

like weed rental.

so he came down and forced me to watch the american idol results show.

btw, i HATE american idol. i don't really understand the concept of the show.

we're sposed to care who wins the worst singing contest ever? i mean, they all sing the shittiest songs. and when they "win" and become famous or become THE AMERICAN IDOL or whatever... that's when their songs get even SHITTIER!!!!!

at one point in the night, i drove over to my mom's house and she forked over almost all her darvocets. THANKS, MUM!!! she said it was no big whup because she was planning a trip to yuma, mexico to stock up on supplies.

you know your mom's a bad ass when she treks it down to mexico to buy her drugs in bulk. GO MOM! of course she's only buying shit like anti-biotics and pain killers, BUT STILL.

i call her mommy the mule.

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