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Tuesday, March 01, 2005


whitey quit the sign job the last saturday morning.

i guess he called my cousin at 4am and according to the story, "sounded pretty hammered and pretty emotional."

i hope whitey's ok!!

i gave it a whole day before i called him. i wanted things to cool off properly, but i also wanted to check in on my buddy...

he said the sign job is killing him. not literally or anything... but it's just ruining his life as he knows it, and this is why:

whitey doesn't live here, he lives 6 fucking hours away in Santa Cruz. that's an hour south of San Francisco, and welp... even tho he can't beat the money he makes with the signs, it's just rough driving 6 hours away to make your money.

i personally don't understand why ryan insists on living up there. i mean, if it was me, and i had to move for the money...

whitey also told me that his buddies up north barely recognize him, and that he barely knows who he is as well.

oddly enough i had written a post days before he quit the sign job detailing how whitey is famous for always knowing how to make himself happy. my cousin told me he read to it to ryan over the phone that night at 4am, just to make sure whitey knew that WE KNEW who we were dealing with, and basically...


i mean, how can you not back whitey?

i betcha he's do another couple of sign jobs before he decides he never wants to do one again. he's just burnt out on it, and man, it happens.

there've been time i would have rather slit my wrists with hep-C infected rusty razor blades than look at another sign. but i got over it.

LLOYD IN FULL EFFECT!!! (ps we have the same hat)

perhaps this will be good news for lloyd who just got his drivers license (after something like 3 or 4 years) and will be able to pull of sign jobs with a rented pickup truck.

i just hope whitey's doin aiight. we worry about that kid sometimes.

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