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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

when you have zero control over something that upsets you, my advice is to fucking forget it, and go get high with your friends.

learning to let go isn't easy. and some people have let go so long they forgot how to grab back control.

yah your friends don't know shit. and when they give you advice, it's easy to brush it off, and say, "they just don't UNDERSTANDDDDD, mannnn"

but they do understand. your situation is not as special and unique as you think it is. people are people, and life is universal. the small details are just semantics in the end.

you ESPECIALLY know that your friends are coorect when they all keep repeating the same advice. COME BACK TO REALITY, FRIEND! it's nice here. the land of being honest with yourself, and staying in touch with that which is REAL.

it's dangerous when one stops living in reality. some people go so far... they never come back...

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