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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

when people tell me that jack in the box makes them want to barf, i guess i can understand that they're not fans of that particular restaurant. but this is what i don't understand:

why do i need to know that the food in my mouth has anything to do with your barf?

it's worse when they try and sell me on the idea that Jack in the Box KILLS PEOPLE.

they killed like two people or something, and that was a million years ago. AND, it's my arguement that because they already killed people, they are on thinner ice, and have stricter food prep rules.

but the point is, when someone's eating, save your cute little barf story for a more appropiate setting.

people are brainless, strange creatures. it's like when the milk has gone rotten and your buddy smelled it, and nearly passed out from how gross the smell of the sour milk was. Do you know what they do?!?!? they say to you, "oh man this smells HORRIBLE, here take a whiff..."

why would i want a whiff? are you mental?

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