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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Friday, March 04, 2005

tomorrow is gonna come correct because i'll be off work before any of YOU sons of bitches, that is unless you get off before noon.

dueling banjos.

at noon i'll screaming yabba dabba do! and scratching my fred flintstone-face, while i drive barefooted, because yall know how i roll.


and by 1pm (pacific standard time) i'll be neck deep in my hot tub, nursing a budweiser. you betcha.

and if im smart i'll remember to bring my Ipod, but i haven't remembered to ever do that ONCE since i lived here, proving me retardisimo.

right now Jay leno is on mute and there's like all these fucking birds all over his set. i guess his "special guest" tonight is the crazy swan care-taker. and this leads me to a question...

i have seen a shit load of late nite animal segments a la Jack Hanna, The Crocodile hunter-dude, and now this fucking insane bird lady. but... here's the question, WHAT THE FUCK?!

is some scared looking, tortured animal sposed ot make me sleep tight? i don't get it.

and the animal always has that look of fear, like how a cow must look before the slaughter house decapitates it.


and i derno. i think i just hate jay leno, and am letting his exploitation of innocent swans anger me. because really, what the fuck do i care about some gay ass swan? really tho.

in a perfect world conan obrien would just get two hours, and boy do i love the conan theme song. max whatever-berg and the max whatever-berg 7 kick some ass. yes. it's true.

im sitting indian style in my underwear and it's becoming apparent to me that i reek, and desperatly need to shower, and it appears i may need to lather rinse repeat wuite a few times. so imma go get to that now before im late for work. i only have 7 hours left. (yes im that filthy)

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