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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

today, march 8th... my dad turns 63 years old. i haven't seen him since he was in his 50's...

that bud right there on the left. that sticky looking one... it's dust. ancient history... im sure there might be some smoke particles of it floating around my apartment. but i sorta doubt it.

arnold the governator of california says he wants to eliminate junk food from our schools. it's part of his health nut body builder mentality. HE's here to pump YOU up.

i'm sure coke, pepsi, frito-lays potato chips, and the nestle chocolate company are gonna go away quietly. YAH SURRRRRRE, they don't have lobbyists that are going to shred that dream of "fruits and veggies in the vending machines" to pieces. [please note the sarcasm]

you elect a body builder into office, and he wants to put carrots and apples in the vending machines. i'd pretend to be shocked, but it would be bad acting.

i'd also like to point out what a mundane NON-issue making sure californian kids are less fat. THANK THE GODS, ARNOLD IS GOING TO SAVE US FORM OBESE CHILDREN!!

what's arnold doing for the starving lost souls that inhabit skid row? have you seen what a shanty town it is in downtown LA? let's throw fruits and veggies at THOSE fuckers. fat ass kids in schools...? i could care less.

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