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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

This is my favorite analogy for letting go control:

trying to control things, is like keeping one hand on an imaginary handle at all times. You never fully give of yourself, and you're never really "free" because you have control on the situation via your your one handed-ness. and really you have control over nothing because the handle you grab onto IS imaginary. It's fake and a concoction of your mind.

you have control of so little in this world, it's fucking sinful, shameful, and welp, a lot of spilled milk tha tyou shouldn't worry about.

man, just chill. Do you know what I do during earthquakes (aka, something I can't control) I try to have fun, and "ride it" if at all possible.

what else can I do?

life is an earthquake. And things and forever crumbling all around you, and wow I see how you can sit there all sad, worrying about it.

but not me, brotha... im not crying.

I know how it is, and I don't care, I'm waving my arms from side to side, and seeing how funny is also all is.

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