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Monday, March 07, 2005

this is the deal with beating off in the shower:

it's prolly the best way for a man to masterbate, because it's all joys of waxin-n-milkin with none of the clean up. assuming you have the water running (and if you didn't have the water running, you're a weirdo for masterbating in the shower with no water) all the potential splooge in the world is going to vanish down the drain, never to be heard from again.

the only way a man could jerk the gerk any cleaner would be to jack off while wearing a condom. btw, that sounds incredibly uncomfortable.

if im not in the shower, the mess ends up on my stomach. once i shot so forcefully, i nailed myself in the eye. it's true.

but with the mess on my stomach, that means now i gotta wipe the mess OFF my stomach. and to wipe it off i might use some toilet paper, a napkin, a sweat sock, or (if im alone at a buddy's house....) my friends pillow case.

the one draw back from beating the clown in the shower is that you have to stand. but c'monnnnn... yer a GUY. you could cum, standing, sitting, even whilst bunjee jumping.

PS... hurry your ass up. everyone knows what a guy is up to when he's in the shower for longer than ten minutes. EVERYONE KNOWS.

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