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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

really it's awesome the effect the perv-stache has.

you wear sweat pants, a tank top, and rock a sleaze-bag-NASCAR-moustache... well my friends... you get that look when you go out into public. i reccomend all boys grow moustaches to see what im talking about.

people look at you like, "oh no, i KNEW i should have checked the megan's law website! there he is. the neighborhood perv!!!"

and yes i am the neighoborhood perv, but it's just normally hidden better.

btw, since i brought up NASCAR, i bought a #8 Dale Junior lighter from 7-11, and i think it's SO HOT how it matches my dale jr steering wheel cover.

i have the jeff gordon hot co-co mug, because thats all the pic-n-save had left... but i wanted the dale jr one so bad!!!!

yes nascar is a guilty pleasure of mine, and no, i wouldn't admit that to many people.

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