Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

a note to all strangers, crave attention elsewhere.

you can go straight to hell you stupid retards. i don't understand why you think this has anything to do with your no-one-knows-is-alive asses. keep it up with those spins on things you like to make. you fucking spinsters.

maybe when you go to sleep at night you twiddle your fucking no-life-having toes, and shake your fists like giddy little nancy-boys... and think to yourselves, "i have an effect on things in the world!"

but you don't.

you have zero effect on anything. you matter nothing to me. you are pithy, lame, and you don't exist in my world.

i like that you're sitting here thinking this is about YOU. you're fucking wrong asshole!!! hahahahha!!!!

get it? this is my cryptic piece of shit post, and you can't decifer the LINGO, ARE WE CLEAR???? you fucking rotten, slack jawed, pink bellied, SHINE BOY!!!!

"where's your box shine boy? spit shine these loafers for me, for a nickel..."

OHHHHH SNAPP!!! you didn't think i would call you out for what you are? now did'ja son?

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