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Monday, March 07, 2005

a long time ago, i thought i had it all figured out. it seemed to me the best way to go about your life was to get away with as much shit as you can.

lie, cheat, steal, betray, BUT ONLY if it's to your benefit. i'd steal pencils from work, lie to my family, cheat my friends out things, and the whole time betraying everyone equally.

really the person i was cheating and betraying THE MOST was myself. and there is one inherent problem with trying to get away with as much wrong doing as you can. and that is, YOU DONT ALWAYS GET AWAY WITH IT. and some argue you NEVER get away with it, because it will either bite you in the ass, or just as easily haunt your concsience.

this is what they dont know: ACTING RIGHT FEELS GOOD.

it's a peace of mind thing, for me personally. when i fly by a police officer that has his hand on his radar gun, i find it a lot less agonizing when i'm driving the speed limit. if im doing ten or 15 MPH over the speed limit... i find myself freaking out, and staring in my rear view mirror wondering how soon i should turn into the residentail neighborhood to "lose the copper" as they say.

or when my boss calls me up YELLING and SCREAMING, i calmly ask, "what's the matter?" because i did my job like i was supposed to do it, so i know he's not yelling about ME. get me?

im not saying people shouldn't take risks and try and get away with shit. I DRIVE WITH A BONG IN MY CAR, im not one to judge.

all im saying is, "BOY OH BOY, does it feel good to stay out of trouble!"

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