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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

it took a lot to convince me that i should go to a hair dresser to get my hair cut. before that, i'd been under the belief that only fags and chicks go to hair dressers, and REAL MEN shave their head, or use a flowbee.

so after being butchered enough times by super cuts, and realizing that i can't do a decent job by myself at home... i gave in, and i conformed to the "hair dresser".

the last time i was there, i was the only dude in the giant pink building. i remember stuttering, and not having an answer that made any sense when i was asked, "how do you want your hair cut?"

someone told me that you're sposed to tip the hair cut lady, or else you look like a total dickhead. BUT, i didn't find out enough about the tipping protocol (how much to tip, and who to hand it to) so i totally ran out of there after i handed the cashier a dollar... because i felt dumb, and hoped i wasn't doing it all wrong.

it's worth all the freakout, and stuff, because the haircut was good. and im sure today they will make me look cool again. my appointment is at 2:30pm, and it's across the street from the old pic'n'save on avaitaion.

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