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Friday, March 04, 2005

im a know it all most of the time, and the hardest part is biting my lip, and minding my own business. i'll end a portion of un-asked-for advice with, "...and that's my two cents!" as though my two cents was gonna make a difference.

i've found in life, most people aren't as stupid as you give them credit for. i mean YES THIS WORLD IS FULL OF FUCKING IDIOTS, but not entirely.

for example i smoke cigarettes because im lazy about quitting them, not because im ignorant to the health risks. or when a buddy of mine comes to me with girlfriend problems, he wants me to say, "yah that sucks, i back you..." and not lecture him on what he should do, whatever the fuck THAT is anyways.

it's like when you write a blog post about how much you hate your job and your boss, and then get some snide comment from some prick, "well why don't you quit instead if being a whiner? eh??"

first of all fuck you, id have YOUR back if you wrote a blog post about how annoying working can be

and B) duh, im not retarded. obviously i know that i can quit when i want. thanks for the update on shit i already knew.

LASTLY, a piece of free advice... if/when someone is complaining either tell them you aren't sympathetic from the jump, or just say something like, "jeeze, that sounds shitty, bro..."

because the effect you're having is that the person can't/won't figure it out for themself. and believe me, they ALREADY know.

at least i know that *I* know.

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