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Monday, March 21, 2005


i'm going to go buy new blue blocker sunglasses today. i just now realized that is what my life is missing. the good news, i know where to easily get a fast pair for cheap. there's a sunglasses stand over by the airport that i used to work at. good old la cienega and arbor vitae, what a loverly intersection.

blue blocker sunglasses are like crack cocaine for your eyeballs. you don't even realize how relaxed your eyes are, until you take them off. and of course they always come in my favorite sunglasses style: Aviators.

two flags got stolen from my job site this weekend. for some reason, our mexican flags are always getting stolen, but i only find it funny because OF COURSE no one wants an american flag. mexican flags are rad because there's an eagle and a snake on it. not tacky stars and stripes, and/or a faggy leaf.

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