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Thursday, March 03, 2005

i work south central Los Angeles again this week. my favorite of sign jobs.

in most of the areas we do the sign job in, the city will get angry at us if we put our sings stapled to telephone poles (which happens to be the fastest way to do signs). BUT... you think they give a rat's ass in south central? hah.

between all the crack junkies, illegaly driving immigrants, and tag-bangers shooting each other... man... a fucking SIGN GUY hitting up telephone poles really seems like everyone's last concern.

also there's this city called huntington park. in this city the percantage of mexican and/or latino residents is about 99.9%.

it's dangerous in huntington park when mexico when's the world cup futbol game. ("soccer" for us ignorant americans) so basically i love it there. it's as mexico as los angeles gets.

wouldn't it be funny is jack johnson's middle name was "off"?

you have until midnight tonight to enter my magnet contest.

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