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Wednesday, March 02, 2005


i think it's a sick world we live in where they restrict the ability to get the POWERFUL pain pills.

i can think the only logic in restricting such things is because they are highly addictive. but can i ask a simple question that begs to be asked?

so fucking what you fucking pigfaced dogs!!!????

cigarettes are addictive, and kill people. alcohol is addictive... AND KILLS PEOPLE.

so if pain medication is addictive and could potentially KILL PEOPLE... well who fucking cares? at least they're going out painlessly, eh?

not to mention the freeways are crowded as it is, and anyone dumb enough to kill themself on either A)booze. B)cigs. C) or pian medicine, is a fucking numbskull, and don't feel bad when idiots die. it's nature being it's cruel self. survival should be an instinct we all have. and if you don't... GOOD BYE, we didn't need your weakest-link ass here anyways.

"advil liquid gel caps" and "alieve" aren't filling the gap.

pain sufferers shouldn't need a richy-rich-doctor that they can't even afford.

the Rite-Aid Pharmacy is two blocks from my house, and they have enough medicine to keep a whole army LOADED. why can't i score the pills i want when i want them. i think it's fucked up.

mexico is painted in america as a poverty stricken sad sorry place to live. IT IS NOT SUCH A PLACE. it's an exotic paradise that you should feel LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY to ever get to see. and guess what... they have pharmacies there that any shmuck off the street can walk into and get whatever pills they fucking want.

it dont sound too sad a place to live for a PAIN sufferer such as myself, and i think i know people who are writhing half naked on their bathroom floors across america who can agree with me.

flexall 454 MY FUCKING LEFTNUTSACK. ya axin fo it.

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