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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Monday, March 07, 2005

i got me a phat bag of chronic. you can feel the heat from across the room. it almost burnt my leg when i carried it home from Dealer McDope's house, in my pocket.

bo jangles ain't got shit on me, ya heard?

because im a regular customer who pays his bills, dealer mcdope shows his gratitude by making my $100 quarter ounce of weed weigh 0.7 of a gram over.

so that leaves me with 7.7 grams of sticky wicky. i hope it lasts me until wednesday.

i want to get my hair cut, so lemme call ultra lux on aviation... you blog-losers wait here... while i go to to get the phone number. ok i got it... it's 310-372-3332.

oh. they're voicemail told me they're not open mondays. drat.

see? this is where you have to make the decision... act on my hair cut impulse and just go wherever (ie, supercuts, fantastic sam's) even tho i'll get a doofus haircut. or do i wait a day, and go where they know how to make me less of a doofus.

luckily im predictable, and we all know im just going to get high and end up loittering at 7-11 (like i always do)

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