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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

i buy the weed i buy, and i buy it in the quantity that i prefer the most, and it COSTS what it costs. and oh well, tough shit for me if YOUUUU think im "doing it wrong"

youd never believe the fucking shit people come up with to say to me. i've been criticized for every way i go about my marijuana habbit, and know what? i fucking work hard for my drug money, and i intend to use the drugs i buy with it as i CHOOSE.

if i wanted to buy the best weed in the land, so that i could throw it in the ocean... WELP, that would be MY perogative to do so, now wouldn't it. and FUCK ANYONE WHO WOULD TRY AND STOP ME.

some people seem to think i pay too much for my weed. or i've heard others say that i don't hold in my bong hits long enough (considering of course that im paying too much in the first place) there have been a few who want me to know that they pay less money than i do, that i don't buy large enough quantities, and of course the occasional puzzled individual, who can't understand why i wouldn't just sell the pot to support my habbit.

fucking a, people. you all act like im some kinda rookie. you all act like you forget that i've been puffing da'kine since i was 15 years old (10 and a half years ago)

i do pay too much, but i pay too much for a lot of things. this is LA... eveything from the cost of milk to the price of gasoline cost more than the national average. OH WELL, at least los angeles is COOOLER than the national average.

i'll hold my hits in as long as i please. fucking a, just let me smoke the weed how i want to smoke it. if it bothers you that i don't hold it in my lungs "long enough" then do me a favor and find a new blogger to harrass.

you pay less for your pot than i do. umm... ok you win. i didn't know i was in a competition. i hope your win will cause you to lose intrest in bothering me any further. bye bye.

i used to buy weed by the Oz. it was great. a whole zip of deadly budz all for my dome. but the thing is, i get sick of the same old batch of weed by the time i STILL have a half Z left. then there's also the part when the weed gets old, and stale, and gross. if i buy it only by the 1/4 Oz. i always have a new batch of weed on the way, and i never have a chance to let the weed get dry, shakey, or whatever.

and selling weed?!?!?! HAHHAHAHAHAHA. that's the WORST!!! stoners are the most annoying people to fucking deal with, and here in southern california, EVERYONE SELLS WEED, so it's like i dont know who you're sposed to sell weed to. there's practically no one i know buying weed anymore. they all sell it.

not too mention, i hate being stuck with the same batch for a long time. not to mention it is WORTH IT to pay a little extra for my pot, and not ever have to worry about some dickhead surfer pothead calling my house and waking me up to score himself a bag of dope.


it's my bonghit, and i'll cry if i want to.

i drank too much coffee... i need to go pace and walk this off. maybe i'll get sleepy soon-ish.

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