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Friday, March 04, 2005

i bought a #3 for breakfast this morning from McDonald's and the goddamned english muffins were stale again.

proof that i showered.

luckily my car (like all cars) comes equipped with a trash can... so i rolled down my window and flung those stale fuckers like the little cheese coated frisbees that they were.

then it's starts raining the minute i pull up to the car dealership to put the car sale signs up all over the place. so we rushed it and almost ran out of zip ties, but we pulled it off, and were at the jack in the box by 8:30.

cesar and i rounded up all the fast food wrappers, and random trash in the car, and prepared the vehicle for our street tag-up part of the day. i have him put his car seat all the way back, and i arm him with a tack hammer, which i also refer to as a staple hammer, or a stam-ler.

from there on out, it only rained off and on, as i barked at cesar which telephone poles i wanted him to put a sign on, or not. i usually just roll up next to the pole, throw on my emergency flashers, unlock the car door (it locks automatically and i hate that about my car), and cesar scrambles to get the sign up before the cars behind us get mad and start honking.

but what he doesn't know is, i LOVE when they honk at me. and you better fucking believe it has the reverse effect. like oh what am i sposed to say, "oh no, you honked at me, so i better abandon my signs, my helper, and kiss my job good bye, and drive away like a scared mouse..."

you'd think they were blind and didn't see that there was TWO LANES. but i digress...

cesar and i finish up in time for me to meet sandra at the dealership to grab my check that im sposed to deposit.

and i drove off into the sunset sucking down bong hits from my camper size glass car bong.

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