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Thursday, March 03, 2005

how low do you slum it when you eat alone? i go low, man. i splatter across the fucking wall.

i've always said i need a dose of germo-phobia, because i'll eat dinner at 7-11. and i won't even be creeped out if the health inspector graded it a "B". lotsa folks i know only eat at "A"s ONLY.

but see 7-11 is good because they serve lotsa vices of mine. Coffee, cigarettes, donuts, ice cream, cookies, beef jerkey, maxim magazines, and of course.... Doritos (cool ranch, duh)

did you know they also have hot dogs and nachos? i wouldn't touch one of those hot togs with a ten foot pole if my life depended on it, but man, them nachos be the stuff.

the gooey-ooey.

i can also re-up my prepay cell phone minutes, and score beers. i mean... this all combined with being open 24 hours a day.

where would YOU eat dinner? pffft.

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