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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

having the weekend off work is two things. firstly it's "YIKES!" because my last name ain't rockafeller, and i'm what they call in the blog industry: a paycheck to paycheck type. it's an industry term.

secondly its STOKE CITY, because i never get to chill at home on the weekends.

the hustler casino, gardena, california.

i have two kinds of weed right now. sugar bear and hash-plant. sugar bear is a batch that is always getting re-worked back into the mix, and i've never liked it very much. that hash plant is KEY tho... it's the derelect-ellium, which is a word i just invernted this very second because it deserves its own word.

but the thing is that when i was there, and i was sticking my big ass italian nose into the different ziplock freezer bags, each with a different blend/flavor of high grade death-weed... it's hard to tell man!!!

it's like being at the fragrance counter and trying to figure out which smell you like the best, and realizing that after you smell two of the scents... they all smell the fucking same. i don't care how many times you try and "clear your pallette" or whatever they call it.

anyways, i walked away with not enough hash plant. because that shit will sell out, oh fo sho.

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