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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

the hair cut place is ran by these totally betty paige'd out chicks, you'd think it was a contest for who could have the most lip piercings and cliche forearm tattoos.

but they know how to make you come outta there without wishing you just gave up and shaved it all off. you don't come out of there a doofus.

in my past i learned the hard way why you don't go to super cuts. its not a wise move. a cheap hair cut is like cheap perfume. sometimes you get what you pay for.

so deanna sat me down and asked me what i want, and i looked at her and kinda said, "well man, it's like you know, i umm... yah. well. i..." and i kinda grabbed at the parts of my hair that irritated me and added, "it's too mullety." and she asked me if she could try something new out on my head. i shrugged and told her i just want my hats to fit my head better, and that she could do whatever she wanted.

so she did.

i like it, it's not what i thought she was talking about, but whatever. i dont feel lame, but my hair is WAYYYYY SHORTER.

but the good news is, my hats fit snug like how i like them to.


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