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Thursday, March 03, 2005


the gods may be crazy, but thank them for days like this one... days perfect for skateboarding in the sunshine. and fuck man, it was raining last night, so who knew...

have you ever been out there smoking a joint on the rock pilings that keep the tides out of the marina? it's nice up there, man. you can feel the sun hitting your jeans making your legs feel all warm and cozy, while you hold your left arm over your eyes to block the blinding light.

oops, you have BO. put your arm down.

but man, there's sail boats and shit, all cruising through the redondo beach marina, and i want a BOAT RIDE PRONTO!!!!!

the skate back home is mellow and drags on, because im getting my nicotine fix on the way, and besides, im gonna stop and eat a fucking churro anyways. if you dont know what a churro is... be sad for yourself. VERY SAD.

skating at night is even better, because you can't see any of the cracks or rocks that are going to throw you off your skateboard, and you're going ot hurt yourself, but in a GOOD way.

i've never regretted any fall i've taken on my skateboard. it's an excuse to booze it up later. fire water as the injuns called it.

walking back up the hill to get to my apt is always the most shitty part of the journey. you're winded, and beat down tired, and welp this fucking hill has no mercy, man.

but its all kool in the gang because the glass two footer has COLD water in it, and the glass bowl is BRAND NEW... so i call dibs on de-virginizing it.


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