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Thursday, March 17, 2005


everything comes and goes. Friends, family, money, happiness. They come in waves, and leave the same way... So what's a person to do?

how about taking the good with the bad, and just enjoying times as best as you can, and being glad for every waking second.

wake up and FEEL LIFE for a second. Go climb a mountain at dawn, or how about skinny dipping in the ocean at midnight. Have you ever done it? And if you have... have you done it RECENTLY?!?!

because you should. You should do all things that stimulate and rejuvenate the body.

stop running from that which we call "the human experience"

misery, pain, sorrow, torment. Don't be afraid of failing. BE A FAILURE!!! Be something. You're nothing until you try.

the hero's that ANTI HAS CHOSEN for himself are all people who shunned what the world told them.

they didn't ever stop listening, and always knew as much about the world they were surrounded by AS THEY COULD... But when push came to shove, MY HEROES said fuck it, and did right by themselves first, and did right by everyone else second. (if at all)

control is a nice safe feeling to have, but it's seductive in the sense that you can be consumed by your need to control.

controlling everything is impossible, and if you have a need to do so... Well, there's gonna be issues.

let go of yourself. Ride your bike without holding the handles, and see what happens.

crash a party you randomly walk by, even tho you're the only 16 year old amongst a bunch of 30 somethings... JUST WING IT, MAN, and pretend you know what they;re talking about, and fuck it, you might get some free cheese and wine.

you'll definitely learn a thing or two, and perhaps come back with a hot story to impress your loser friends.

but you ain't got DICK FOR YOURSELF, just sitting there, welling up about shit you got no control over.

how about instead of being such a negative Nancy, a worrier Wanda, or whatever the fuck... how about you try being a happy Helen because no one likes a mopey Molly.

know what happened to the guy who did nothing risky ever? He was crushed by a drunk driver, and in the end he was just as dead as the next guy. Sucks eh?

life is short, and you never get any of that time back. All those mopey days wasted. I bet the tortured souls in hell would tell you how fucked it is to waste the time you got in this life. Because you never know how shitty the next one could be....

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