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Monday, March 14, 2005

Dear Mexico.

hello, i love you.

thank you for being such a diss on america by being our neighbor and being so much better than us. you have smarter people, who are more educated, and if it weren't for the evil white devil, you'd have a much better quality of life.

i apologize to you on behalf of america. we're sorry that we're such psychotic assholes. have pity on us.

my fantasy is to be a mexican farmer deep in the country, hidden away in isolation, drinking tequila... living out my last days. boy that sounds dreamy.

my country uses you, spits your out, and treats you like turds. and the whole time they insult you, and act like you're a lesser race, or an inferior people. for the record, i believe this to be untrue. and i can't wait to go and visit you asap. im thinking i might go to yuma for a night... stock up on pain pills, ect.

see you soon,

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