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Friday, March 04, 2005

dear Best Donuts,

i want to start by pointing out your name alone is false advertising as your donuts were the stale-est, nastiest, most unfulfilling donuts i ever had the misfortune of making an aquaintance with.

yes, it's a fact jackson. space fuckn jesus.

but it's like you think im a fucking fool. i saw the fresh one's over there on the shelf waiting for morning rush, what am i not good enough for a hot buttery one?

(take your mind out of the gutter you perv.)

if you had any sense of pride in your store name, and if you knew anything about the qualities of HONOR you'd have thrown away anything like the likes of what you sold to me earlier tonight on Cold Water Canyon on my way to the 101 freeway.

i was horrified, but not even HALF as horrified as the person who's car window my donuts got thrown onto.

you better axe somebody. do you get me?

and over the years i have frequented my fair share of donut houses across southern california, everywhere from Golden-West donuts, to the famous randy's donuts, AND to at least 50% of the hollywood donut chain "Yum Yum's"... so i think i know a decent donut when i eat one. and no... im not one of those demonic Krispy Kreme People.... i hate those fucking people.

just hear me out, and ditch that bad shit next time a such an obvious pot head such as myself comes shopping for two chocolate raised, and a cinnimon roll, you might lose out on a cash cow.

sincerely yours,

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