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Monday, March 14, 2005

dealer mcDope just got tivo. this is bad. this is very very bad.

i always prided myself on knowing my drug dealers schedule. and part of that includes not showing up when the simpsons is on. that's a fast way to get trapped at his house, and stuck on his sofa while you wait through his favorite tv show.

im not hating on the simpsons, but man... im a customer, and i just wanna grab my shit and jet outta there.

enter tivo...

now the simpson are perpetually on when i arrive. never ending simpsons episodes. never ending WAITING FOR DEALER MCDOPE'S ATTENTION!!!!

i guess i can thank my lucky stars that it's at least a funny tv show like the simpsons. it could be worse, what if he was into american idol?!?! yikes.

i guess i shouldn't complain, because it's his addiction to television that makes him such a kick ass dope dealer. HE'S ALWAYS HOME! that's crucial. the only way things could be better is if he delivered the weed to me. that would be hot.

but then again, i've had that in the past with former dealers of mine, and they'd show up here and then i would get this feeling in my head like, "why won't they just fucking LEAVE ALERADYYYYYYYYY?!??!?" and i would start to hate that as well.

not to mention i hate the bong over at his house. it sucks, and i dont mean that literally. you can barely pull a rip off that tube, man, i swear. i don't think he's changed the water in all of 2005 either.

and i can't smoke cigarettes in there. UGH!...

but on the bright side, dealer mcdope always hoooks it up fat, and never has a dry spell, and is always home.

i guess i have it pretty good after all.

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