Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

big-bad-pimp-shwank-ass-daddy-anti is in the house tonight, and he's got some fresh'uns for the peeps who like it raw. can yall keep it lit up in here for a SECOND? my cats and precious bitches.

i bring the pain, because it needs to be felted, and whoever smellted it, delted it. at least thats what i learned when i was younger. but i think that pertained to farts.

i remember being like 8 years old and not fully understanding the definition of a queef. i thought it was just a simple fart, like any old regular fart. i didn't know it came from air in the poon. so... i went up to my sister, IN FRONT OF MY GRANDMA, and told her that it smelled like a nasty queef in the room, and that it was her fault.

but i swear, i had no idea!

well after i got the crap beat out of me, i realized something. and no it wasn't only that my sister and grandma can beat some ass...

it was that i should be more tactful, and watch my mouth, because it's known to be choking on my heels. don'cha know it, senoritas and vatos locos.

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